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The Workshop on Distributed Infrastructure for Security Monitoring and Intelligence Extraction was held 9-13 January 2010 at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and hasd the participation of over thirty researchers from Indian and US institutions.

The workshop's aim was to establish new collaborations between the United States and India in cutting-edge research and technology development and knowledge transfer focused on areas of real-time security surveillance and extraction of actionable intelligence for both critical physical infrastructure and their associated computing and communication components.

The workshop topic is infrastructure security, an issue of high national priority in both the United States and India. Its major objective is to monitor, prevent, and recover from natural and inflicted disasters by exploiting advanced technologies such as smart sensors, wireless networks, mobile agents, data and text mining, and profile-based learning in an integrated, col-laborative and distributed manner. The proposed framework will consist of real-time data gath-ering and fusion from a variety of sources to make online intelligent decisions while the events being monitored are unfolding and thereby provide actionable intelligence in real-time to lessen the loss of property and lives.